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118 Band P.R.I.D.E.

We talk daily about these five guiding principles of our band program.  Preparation...Respect...Integrity...Dedication...and Excitement.

Every time we step in the band room we try to improve on these areas of our character through the choices we make. 

 Are we using the class syllabus to be prepared for the day? 

 Are we respecting the band room by taking ownership over the room...looking for opportunities to clean a mess, organize a closet, or make a bulletin board idea?

Do we show integrity by being "all - in" mentally during rehearsals....even when it's very challenging? 

 Are the band events on your personal/family calendar and are you dedicated enough to plan ahead for these important opportunities to shine?

Do you walk into the band room everyday..excited.....amazed and pumped that we get to come together and have some great challenges and some great laughs?


I have tried to make the website a truly one stop place for anything you may need this year......

the JH Band Home Page has it all you'll need to stay up to date!!

Please take a minute...check it out....and, of course,...USE IT!!!

Until next time, 

Mr. D

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