What I would like to tell the new incoming 6th graders is that they are lucky to have such an amazing teacher who wants nothing but the best for them and will want them to be the best they can be. I want them to know that my experience in band was amazing, even though I'm not the best and musical stuff and/or playing my instrument. It was so much more than “Ok class today where playing this..blah, blah, blah…” No, it was so much more than that and it was so much fun. I'm glad I had the chance to meet all of these people and be a part of an amazing band family...Rayna, WJH

If you are coming into the band this year I would tell you to give it a chance. When I was in sixth grade I was skeptical about joining band In jr. high. Deciding to stay in band was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Band In Jr. High is so much fun and you get to make great friends. Mr. D is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He might seem scary at times but he’s just one big goofball. Even if you don’t play an instrument now you can always learn and enjoy the talent that you will create. Band is not an easy class but if you try your best you will have so much fun....Katelyn, CJH

 I accomplished a lot this school year in band. When I first joined I didn't know a lot. After a month or two I really started to understand what you were saying. This year made me regret quitting the band in the first place....Cooper, WJH

First off, band is so much fun, you meet so many new amazing people, and class with Mr. D is the best. Second, you learn so much, not only about music, but about how to be a better person, and to do the hard things. It teaches you to not take the easy route, but to do the hard things to better yourself and people around you. All in all, You should one-hundred percent stay in band for the experience and knowledge. You will not regret it. ..Mackenna, CJH

If I had to tell the incoming sixth graders something to keep them convinced to stay in band, I would tell them that staying in band is  worth it. At first, you might find Mr.D scary, trust me, we all did, but he is actually one of the nicest and most caring teachers at West and Central Jr. High. If you feel like giving up, all you have to do is tell yourself that giving up only makes you a baby bird, and you should want to be a baby shark. Without Mr.D, I would probably be one of the most unreliable and rude people in my life. Staying in band will help you to work on your character and it will help you to be a better person in general.....Addison, CJH

Incoming seventh graders! Please don't quit the band. These two years will be the best time of your life if you keep doing band. Even if you're not that good right now, that just means you will improve even more. This year has been my favorite year of school by far. Just because of Mr.D and the rest of the band. The band will become your home away from home. The classmates will become your family, not just friends. Mr.D is the nicest human being once you get to know him. DON'T I repeat DON’T quit band if you're just scared you will be fine. I promise you he will be nice. Please at least think about it before you really decide to quit. Think of all the things you will miss.....Cole, WJH

What I have accomplished during band is that I have not only become a better musician but a better human. I have improved my life so much over this past year thanks to BAND. You don't even know how much you helped me. At the beginning of the year I didn't even want to solo but by the end I was in a combo! .........Cole K., WJH

 No matter what, do not quit band class. I'm so grateful I didn't because that would've been the biggest regret in my life. Things do get easier, I promise. Not to mention, band class is where you will find your family. I know that sounds weird, but it's true. Music brings you so much closer to people and you form a bond that is closer than family. I have made the closest friends that I'll ever have in my lifetime and it's all thanks to Mr. D and the 118 band. Stay true to yourself and you'll have a great time at JH.....Alyssa, WJH